Coronavirus Update 6/23/2020

by Josh Colletta

It’s not exactly a surge, but Ohio officials are concerned about a sustained jump in daily coronavirus case counts.

Looking at trends over the past 21 days, the Buckeye State reported just 300 new cases on June 14th before numbers began increasing, with 729 additional cases on the 19th, 531 on the 20th, 546 on the 21st, and 729 again yesterday, the 22nd.

The situation is not as dire as the spikes in Florida or Arizona, where each state has seen multiple thousands of cases confirmed on a daily basis in the past week. However, Ohio officials continue to urge people to maintain social distancing practices to prevent that type of surge here.

By contrast, numbers remain on a downward trajectory in Indiana and Michigan.

Indiana had a slight increase in cases yesterday with 314 statewide, up from 250 on Sunday, but that still falls within an overall decrease from peaks of 946 on April 26th, 831 on May 5th, and 551 on June 17th.

Michigan’s daily counts have become almost impossible to compare, with the last major spikes of 599 cases coming on May 19th, 331 on May 26th, and 238 on June 8th. Yesterday’s statewide count was a mere 92.

Here’s what the totals look like locally by county:

Branch County

  • Confirmed Cases: 236
  • Confirmed Case Deaths: 2
  • Probable Cases: 14
  • Probable Case Deaths: 0

Hillsdale County

  • Confirmed Cases: 172
  • Confirmed Case Deaths: 25
  • Probable Cases: 12
  • Probable Case Deaths: 0

Lenawee County

  • Confirmed Cases: 164
  • Confirmed Case Recoveries: 140
  • Confirmed Case Deaths: 6
  • Probable Cases: 34
  • Probable Case Recoveries: 34
  • Probable Case Deaths: 0

Steuben County

  • Confirmed Cases: 111
  • Confirmed Case Deaths: 2

Williams County

  • Confirmed Cases: 44
  • Probable Cases: 15
  • Deaths: 1

Fulton County

  • Confirmed Cases: 52
  • Probable Cases: 1
  • Recoveries: 53
  • Deaths: 0