Camden Woman Facing Steuben Co. Charges For Leaving Kids in Hot Car

by Josh Colletta

A Camden woman was arrested last week in Angola after leaving two of her children in a 128-degree hot locked car.

The Herald Republican says it happened around 3:00 Thursday afternoon, at a time when Steuben County Communications reported the air temperature to be 90 degrees.

An Angola police officer responded to the parking lot of a store on the 2100 block of N. Wayne St., and an orange minivan with only the rear window vents opened. Two children were found alone inside, crying; their faces red and hair soaked with sweat. The officer smashed in the driver’s window to unlock the car and get the 2- and 3-year-old children out.

Their mother, 23-year-old Sallie Wireman, was in the store with a 5-month-old child. It was determined through security video that she had left the other kids alone in the car for 37 minutes. She also had not paid for all the items in her shopping cart.

The older kids were overheated, but not otherwise injured. All three children were turned over to the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Wireman has been charged with two Level 6 counts of felony child endangerment and a Class A misdemeanor for theft. She has been released under supervision, and a plea of “not guilty” was entered on her behalf in Steuben Superior Court on Friday. She’s scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on August 17th.

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