Amtrak Seeking Federal Funds For Bryan Station Overhaul

by Josh Colletta

Amtrak is planning a $3 Million renovation of their Bryan station, but the Bryan Times says it’s not a done deal just yet.

The nationwide passenger rail service wants $2 Million of that cost to be paid for with federal funding. They’ve sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence requesting the money as part of $2.04 Billion in grants authorized by the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or “F.A.S.T.” They’re also asking for an additional $300 Million to develop new short-distance corridors across the country.

Amtrak’s revenue is showing improvement, with a Fiscal Year 2019 adjusted operating loss of $29.4 Million — the best in company history, and an increase of 82.8% over Fiscal Year 2018.

Total revenue set a new record, as well, at $3.3 Billion (an increase of 3.6% above last year), and ridership in that time period was up 2.5%.

Railroad officials hope that the new investments they’re asking for will help sustain and build upon that growth.

The project at the Bryan station would create an A.D.A.-compliant path to the parking area and improve the facility’s condition.

The station is a stop on the daily Lake Shore Limited line between New York City and Chicago. It had an annual ridership of 5,109 in F.Y. 2019, generating $215,132 in revenue.