2 Found Dead in Bryan Home; Autopsies Requested

by Josh Colletta

A man and woman, believed to be an elderly married couple, were found dead in a Bryan home.

Few details are available, but according to the Bryan Times, a group of emergency crews from the Bryan police and fire departments, Williams County E.M.S. and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation responded to a duplex on Cardinal Dr. between Center St. and Barrister Dr. in the southwest corner of the city around 1 PM on Monday.

One neighbor told the paper she wasn’t surprised to hear the sirens, as the woman who lived there had been ill and was frequently taken to the hospital by ambulance in recent times. The neighbor added that the garage door was usually open while the man was working inside, but it had been closed on Saturday and Sunday.

That neighbor and another both said that the man was very attentive to the flowers and potted plants that ring the front of the home, but those prized plants had looked to be in need of water for the past few days.

Police asked the next door neighbor if she had heard loud noises within the past week, but she hadn’t.

B.P.D. Chief Chris Chapa says the family has been notified, and that there’s no danger to the public, but beyond a request for an autopsy, no further details would be given, as it’s still early in the investigation.