Union City Finds Massive Water Leak

by Josh Colletta

Union City has found a massive leak in their water system, and the amount of water being lost is more than the system’s normal use rate.

The Coldwater Daily Reporter says the village knew they’d been losing about 180,000 gallons of water per day for several weeks, but they didn’t know where the problem was or where all that water was going.

A crew from the Michigan Rural Water Association recently tracked it down to a pipe under the St. Joseph River along High St.

The normal use rate is 110,000 gallons per day, meaning the leak was putting more than twice as much water through the system as normal.

Now that they know what’s wrong, the question is: how to fix it?

Village Manager Chris Mathis says engineers are working on a plan, and permits from the state will be required, so it could be more than two additional weeks before they can get to work on repairs, and there’s no cost estimate at this time.

He says the village knew there was a problem with the age of that particular water line, but no one actually knows how old it really is.

Mathis believes the higher pressure levels caused by the village’s new water tower is likely to blame for the leak, as three or four other leaks appeared around the time the new tower went into service.

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