Coronavirus Prompts Cameron to Cancel All Non-Essential Meetings

by Josh Colletta

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has announced that they are cancelling all non-essential meetings amidst the continuing and rapid developments in the novel coronavirus situation. According to a statement on the Angola hospital’s Facebook page, non-essential meetings are meetings with anyone who is not a Cameron employee and would require them to visit Cameron facilities.

The statement goes on to say that hospital officials are in daily contact with the local and state health departments, and the situation is presently under control. However, precautionary measures are being taken, and this particular decision was made for the health and well-being of everyone involved.

Some of the meetings being cancelled include the Grief Support Group, Alzheimer’s Support Group, The Climb, Parkinson’s Support Group, Stop the Bleed, Ortho Talk, Breastfeeding class, Birth Planner appointments, Childbirth class, open houses, and similar meetings along those lines.

The move comes as the spouse of a Trine University employee was diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now recovering at Parkview Noble Hospital in Kendallville. The Trine employee has displayed no symptoms, but is currently self-isolating at home for the next 14 days. University officials say that employee has not recently visited the campus.

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