Brightmark Now Hiring for Ashley Plastics Conversion Plant

by Josh Colletta

Brightmark Energy will be holding a career fair, looking for employees to work at their new plastic waste conversion plant in Ashley.

The Herald Republican says the company is rapidly completing construction of the plant in southern Steuben County, and they’ve begun hiring for both salaried and hourly positions.

The plant is the first of its kind, using a patented process to turn waste plastics into fuel and industrial wax on a commercial scale. Brightmark estimates the plant will convert 100,000 tons of plastic into 18 Million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel and naptha blend stocks per year. It’s also expected to convert 6 Million gallons of commercial-grade wax per year. The company says their process is 93% efficient in those conversions.

British Petroleum and AM WAX are already in purchase agreements with the company, and Brightmark has already looked into building more of these plants across the country.

A total of 136 full-time manufacturing jobs will be created by the time the facility is fully functional next year.

If you’re interested, the career fair will take place this Friday and Saturday from 11 AM until 3 PM on the second floor of the Ashley Community Center at 500 S. Gonser Ave.

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