B.M.U. Foresees Increase in Expenses & Revenues

by Josh Colletta

The department heads from Bryan Municipal Utilities say they’re expecting increased costs in the coming fiscal year, but the anticipated revenue should still prove to be more than enough to cover it.

According to the Bryan Times, the B.M.U. chiefs met with the Board of Public Affairs on Tuesday as the preparation of the 2020 budget continues.

Expenses are projected to increase by over three-quarters of a million dollars to $24,297,670, but the utility anticipates $25,708,602 in income. Most of that money comes from and goes to the electric department, which expects to bring in $20,772,436 and spend $19,364,350.

Major capital improvement plans over $1 Million include an upgrade of the 34.5-kilovolt transmission system to a new 69-kilovolt system, as the current system is at the end of its projected lifespan. That project would cost $1.1 Million.

The utility also plans to upgrade the control system for the power plant’s two gas turbine generators at a cost of $1.6 Million, and build a new electric substation south of Industrial Drive — including a rerouting of 69-kilovolt transmission line for about 5,000 feet.

Additionally, the water department plans on joining the electric department in building out advanced metering infrastructure.

Other major expenses include a digger derrick truck and a water main replacement on South Williams Street.