Two Resturants Reestablishing Themselves in Coldwater

by Josh Colletta

The offerings — and reasons for their closure — are different, but there’s no doubt that Ponderosa Steakhouse and Dairy Queen are beloved franchises in Coldwater.

The city’s original D.Q. made headlines last year when it was closed down and its Division St. location was razed — ironically, replaced by a business plaza that includes an orthodontist’s office.

Then, in late March of this year, several Ponderosa locations across Michigan — Coldwater’s included — suddenly closed overnight when the parent company that held their franchise licenses ended their leases.

But good news came just after the bad in each case.

In Dairy Queen’s case, the owner of the Angola location, Todd Haidous, almost immediately announced his plans to purchase what was, at the time, the Coldwater Recreation Lanes bowling alley; intending to tear it down and build a new Dairy Queen restaurant.

Homestyle Dining, the company that owns and franchises Ponderosa Steakhouse, issued a statement following the surprise closures, explaining that issues with the previous licensees were unable to be resolved, but the company fully intended to reopen all of those locations under new ownership. It took some time, but it was announced in September that business partners Darren Clark and Trienne Topp had bought the Coldwater location.

That brings us to today, as WTVB reports that Ponderosa Steakhouse has officially reopened, and construction has begun on the new Dairy Queen building.

Ponderosa opened their doors at 6 PM Wednesday evening, after passersby noticed that the lights were on and employees had been getting the restaurant ready for business.

Meanwhile, the wooden frame has been completed at the new Dairy Queen location, which is a 2,600 square foot building.

No opening date has been announced yet, but you can be certain it will be a popular topic when it is, and we’ll be sure to pass that information along as soon as we have it.

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