Branch Co. 911 Plan to be Discussed at Public Hearing

by Josh Colletta

Anyone following the saga of Branch County’s central dispatch service knows that division of management and responsibilities has been a mess due to several factors, notably that the amended 2001 plan — originally passed in 1996 — was never fully adopted by all of the emergency service agencies in the county.

WTVB reports that fixing that mess is the topic of an upcoming public hearing in front of the Branch County Board of Commissioners.

The hearing will address an amendment resolution that’s currently under consideration. Under that resolution, provisions of the existing plan’s Article V — dealing with “Managerial Considerations” — would be singled out as the primary cause of confusion. The resolution would state plainly that the commissioners want to define and clarify the authority of the 911 Advisory Committee and their relationship to it.

The public hearing will be held during the Branch County Board of Commissioners meeting on November 12th.