Hillsdale Man Sent to “Boot Camp” After Violating Probation

by Josh Colletta

Hillsdale County Circuit Judge Mike Smith accused 27-year-old Michael Slater of thinking the criminal justice system is a “country club” while re-sentencing the convict last week.

The Hillsdale Daily News reports that Slater had been sentenced to jail time and probation for meth possession in a case last year in which he and another man had been manufacturing the drug in the home of another friend.

Slater attended and completed substance abuse counseling and workforce reintegration programs at the Twin Counties Probation Center, but after being discharged from Hillsdale’s Life Challenge program, he continued to use methamphetamine, quit his job and was living at an area campground with another felon.

He had also been fired from a job at Martinrea in Jonesville, explaining that he had been “drug into” a bomb threat incident that happened earlier this year.

Smith sentenced Slater to an additional 103 days behind bars with credit for 18 days already served — but that will be served by attending the Michigan Department of Corrections’ Alternative Incarceration program, colloquially known as “boot camp.”