Steuben Co. Deputy Cleared After Shooting at Fugitive Who Tried to Run Him Over

by Josh Colletta

The Steuben County deputy who shot at a vehicle that was attempting to run him down has been cleared of wrongdoing.

WLKI and the Herald-Republican say an investigation into the firearm discharge found that Dep. Zach Rowlands acted appropriately in the situation.

That happened last Friday, September 13th, when fugitive Vincent Chilcote — who was wanted on multiple warrants from three different counties — drove a pickup truck directly at Dep. Rowlands in an escape from a police search.

Rowlands has been on administrative leave since the incident, and he’ll go through some standard sheriff’s department procedures before he returns to active duty.

As expected, Chilcote is now facing additional charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon — in this case, his vehicle — resisting law enforcement with his vehicle, and fleeing on foot.

Chilcote suffered a minor injury, but it was determined to be caused by shrapnel from his truck, not the bullet.