Orland Woman Will Serve Time in Branch Co. Before Returning to Steuben Co.

by Josh Colletta

According to WTVB, 40-year-old Brandy Beebe was found to have a gram of meth in her purse after police picked her up on Quimby Road — walking and intoxicated — on June 7th.

She told the authorities that she and her boyfriend had been returning cans at the Coldwater Walmart when they had a fight, and she left.

At the time, a Steuben County warrant was out for her arrest due to her failure to appear for sentencing on theft and domestic violence charges the week prior.

In Branch County, she pleaded guilty to possession of a narcotic and admitted to using meth for about a year.

She’ll spend six months behind bars in the Branch County Jail before being sent to Steuben County to face those charges.