Contaminants Found Near Deerfield Water Plant, Not In Drinking Water

by Josh Colletta

Officials with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy say that there is no evidence that the drinking water being filtered at Deerfield’s water filtration plant has been compromised, but they did detect evidence that perfluorooctane sulfonic acids — or PFOS — were present in the surface water at the plant’s intake site.

According to the Adrian Daily Telegram, state legislators and local government officials were notified on Friday about the testing done on July 29th.

PFOS is a different chemical than PFAS, which has received more media coverage, but it is also toxic and degrades slowly. PFOS is used for various purposes such as carpet and clothing treatments and firefighting foams.

Michigan’s existing PFAS Action Response Team was formed in 2017 to deal specifically with the PFAS threat, but State Rep. Bronna Kahle of Adrian says the contamination continues to be “an emerging issue around Michigan, and state officials are still learning all they can.”